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A cowork community in Ioannina city.

Who We Are

Welcome to Ioannina’s first cowork community

C. Ioannina provides the unique opportunity to connect with remote workers in the area of Ioannina, Greece. As a remote worker, you probably experience the same as us, sometimes you just want to get out of your house, have a change of scenery and connect with real-life people!

We are still a start-up and soon more information will be available on a cowork (office) space and desk rental. But we are already starting up the community, connecting with each other and organising meetups!

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Meet some of the core members

Tassos Koutlas

Irene Maragos

Sira van Zanten

Maïté Guillard

Tzivaras Vassilis

Dimos Chatzipanteliadis

Mary Manikis

George Litsios

Yoann Delaby


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